Single Wish Earring on White Sapphire Wishing Post - Sterling Silver & White Sapphires - USE CODE SPRING30 FOR AN EXTRA 30% OFF

Single Wish Earrings in sterling silver and white sapphires.  Rhodium over sterling silver. USE CODE SPRING30 FOR 30% OFF.

.2 carat weight in white sapphires.  Each star contains a sapphire, and the posts are full of sapphires.

Earring is 3/4" in length.  9/16" in length from center of post (where the post goes into your ear) to bottom of earring.  Hope Star is 1/4" in diameter & 1/8" in its 3-dimensional thickness.

My wish is that these little hope stars will be a reminder of how precious each and every one of you are.

Precious, wearable pieces every woman can wear and feel beautiful in.

In-store retail would be $175.

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