Elizabeth's Bio

There is something special about the jewelry designed by Elizabeth Showers.  In a world where creativity abounds and lovely things are legion, Elizabeth creates something... different.
It's about small gestures, light and love.  In the jewelry business for 20 years, Elizabeth has learned that in order to make her work lasting and meaningful, it had to be more than just jewelry.  Elizabeth's own creativity is largely informed by her travels, and not just those she's made on an airplane.  Her early journey was through her struggle for life against an eating disorder, and one of the ways her passion was reignited was through jewelry-making -- creating intricately beaded jewelry for the people who meant something to her recovery.  Her jewelry-making offered Elizabeth a vehicle for communicating her gratitude for health and life, beauty and truth.
Elizabeth Showers' jewelry has evolved to reflect her experiences and maturity.  Her world of reference has been deeply informed by extensive travel and adventure, especially the exotic influences of Africa, Thailand and the Far East.  The unique stones and gems found in these places are central to Elizabeth's designs.  She says, "Imperfection is what makes each stone perfect.  My designs are created to highlight what's special about each individual stone."  Effortlessly feminine and fresh, Elizabeth's jewels reflect the light and optimism of her own easy personality.
Indeed, it is the appreciation of imperfection that drives Elizabeth's belief in what she does.  During the course of her journey, Elizabeth's conviction to remind every woman of her inherent beauty, has driven her creative direction. Elizabeth designed a special symbol that appears on virtually every piece of her jewelry; the 8-point Hope Star.  This imperfect image is meant to carry Elizabeth's message of beauty, and the jewelry itself serves as a daily reminder to the wearer of how precious and beautiful she already is.